Merillat Cabinets: More than Just Cabinets

Merillat Cabinetry epitomizes the fusion of artistry, dedication, and community. It's not merely about the physical cabinets but the heart and soul poured into them by every individual involved. From the creators to the designers, and importantly, to the homeowners who choose Merillat for their spaces, it's a collective endeavor. These combined talents, ideas, and passions proudly label Merillat as "America's Cabinetmaker".

Seven Decades of Excellence

Rooted deeply in Michigan since 1946, Merillat has been sculpting the very essence of quality cabinetry. Their expansive reach, with manufacturing plants dotted across the United States, stands testament to their growth and dominance as one of America's premier cabinet manufacturers. At Midwest Cabinetry & Design, located in Wichita, we take immense pride in partnering with such a legacy. We bring to you Merillat's tradition of excellence, ensuring the design and installation perfectly capture the essence of both Merillat's quality and our local expertise.

Midwest Cabinetry & Design: Your Local Merillat Expert

Bridging the timeless elegance of Merillat Cabinets with the architectural finesse of Wichita homes is Midwest Cabinetry & Design. As Merillat's trusted partner, we extend their promise of quality, design, and innovation right to your doorstep. Our understanding of the nuances of cabinetry design and Merillat's offerings ensures that each space we curate reflects a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, embodying the true spirit of "America's Cabinetmaker".

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