The Onyx Collection: Made in Kansas

From the heart of Kansas since 1985, The Onyx Collection has championed bathroom elegance combined with functionality. Prioritizing manufacturing brilliance, they've curated an impressive selection ranging from showers, wall panels to lavatories, and sophisticated shower doors. By focusing solely on product excellence and entrusting sales and installation to a trusted dealer network, they underline a commitment not to marketing but to unmatched craftsmanship. At Midwest Cabinetry & Design, we are honored to bring the Onyx Collection's dedication to our customers, ensuring superior quality in every installation.

Customizable Solutions for Every Bathroom Need

The Onyx Collection is synonymous with adaptability. Regardless of the product – be it a shower component, a wall panel, or a lavatory, customization is a breeze. Every piece is designed with the homeowner's needs in mind, enabling easy alterations using standard woodworking tools. For residents in Wichita, Midwest Cabinetry & Design stands as the ideal partner, ensuring these customizable solutions are integrated perfectly into your bathroom, elevating its look and functionality.

A Blend of Durability and Elegance

Every piece from the Onyx Collection is a testament to the careful selection of robust and elegant materials. Alumina trihydrate, the primary component, ensures the longevity and resilience of each item. This is beautifully paired with a specially crafted polyester resin, a formula refined over three decades, giving each product a polished, high-end finish. As partners with Onyx, Midwest Cabinetry & Design takes these premium products and integrates them seamlessly into Wichita homes, marrying durability with timeless elegance for the ultimate bathroom experience.

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