WF Cabinetry: Craftsmanship Since 1961

Tracing its roots back to the early days as Wellborn Forest, WF Cabinetry has witnessed a transformative journey. Beginning modestly, crafting cabinets for government housing, the brand has seamlessly transitioned into a key player in the semi-custom cabinetry domain. Nestled in a sprawling 200,000 square-foot facility in Alexander City, Alabama, WF Cabinetry is a testament to the vision of its founders – the Wellborn family. Originally established as Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. in 1961 by Morgan Wellborn and later joined by his sons Douglas and Paul, the brand has been steeped in the spirit of innovation and adaptability. Its subsequent emergence as WF Cabinetry in 1986, post its split from Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., marked the start of a new era, specializing in framed cabinets.

Midwest Cabinetry & Design Meets WF Cabinetry

When Midwest Cabinetry & Design aligns with a brand, it’s about more than just the product; it's about shared values, excellence, and vision. WF Cabinetry, renowned for its tailored designs catering to professional designers and installers, finds a harmonious partner in Midwest Cabinetry & Design. Operating out of Wichita, we offer more than just design and installation – we provide an experience. By integrating WF Cabinetry’s distinguished range into local spaces, we ensure that each design not only reflects the brand's core ethos of quality but also resonates with the distinct personality of every Kansas home.

The WF Cabinetry Promise

Embodying the essence of American craftsmanship, WF Cabinetry boasts a vast array of 82 door style/species combinations spread across four meticulously crafted cabinetry series. Each piece stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to superior features and steadfast construction. But the promise doesn't end with unparalleled quality. Being active members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, WF Cabinetry stays ahead of industry advancements, ensuring that every cabinet speaks to contemporary tastes and timeless elegance. And with Midwest Cabinetry & Design's expertise in Wichita, this promise finds a local voice, culminating in installations that seamlessly combine national standards with local sensibilities.

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